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As you can see, a spring chick I'm not.... but oh how I love to have fun, especially if it involves an activity that brings people together.   

My passion is delving deeper into the meaning of life.  Not just our physical experience while we seem to exist for only a single lifetime, but beyond this to what came before and what comes after... or is it all the same?  Is it all happening at once?  Is none of it happening at all?  

These questions make no sense to someone who is yet unwilling to investigate, question and explore beyond what has been taught about our physical and spiritual existence.  To you, I offer my heartfelt respect and support for your journey as you see it unfolding. 

However, I ask... Who the heck am I? A question I ask myself daily and a question we all would stand to benefit from asking ourselves.  Is who we are or ever will be gone when we lay our physical body aside?  If not, then what aspect of me "goes on"?  

I've concluded thus far.... that I re-create myself moment by moment as can you, for we are ever evolving and opening up to our truest nature.  We are not defined by our past, present or future conditions or beliefs.  As we are willing and have a desire to change and see ourselves and others as we were intended and created.... we will.

While my personal journey has taken many twists and turns, none of which were without benefit, I've always strived to seek Truth above all else.  I try to always ask, does this "modality, method, experience" serve ALL and is INclusive or does it exclude?  Does it unify or separate me from others, from my Self?  

As a child I learned and resonated with the Love of Jesus when I learned, "Jesus loves the little children, ALL the children of the world"!  Then as I grew older and the teachings became more "conditional" I began to question and withdraw from the faith of my childhood.  

Currently I attend Unity Church of the Triangle and have found this inclusive fellowship one I feel supported in my exploration as well as feeling inspired.  My quest has not ended here, however.  While the community is most accepting and loving and the message one I can embrace that celebrates universal truths shared by many religions, it is still a religion.  I still had not found my ultimate answer.

This is how I came to A Course In Miracles (ACIM).  One day after church, standing in a doorway (I remember the experience as if it were yesterday) I said to a friend, "I don't want to learn or adopt yet another religion or set of dogma, I just want to find a way to be and extend the Love I feel.  No words, no teachings to be adopted, simply an experience of shared Love, like what I learned and experienced as a child... Love for ALL the children of the world". 

In it's introduction, ACIM states that it is "A" course, not the "only" course that leads to and experience of Truth.  This simple statement opens to inclusiveness and acceptance of many paths... imagine no battles of  "my god is bigger than your god".... how refreshing. 

Wow - a church that I can enjoy fellowship with and a self study course that challenges me to remember my Holiness.... I'm finally finding glimpses of that Eternal Peace on Earth that surpasses all earthly understanding as well as finding a way of compassionately living as an expression of Love.

My seeking has ended, my study and re-discovery has only begun... 

A Course In Miracles:

Words from Holy Spirit, the voice for God in this world....

"You, being part of me, have been given the ability to create as I do.  However, unless you bring into alignment my principles of Love, Joy and Peace into what you are creating; you will mis-create and it will not bring you joy and not be everlasting. Give Spirit the little willingness it needs to change what you made to serve separation and ego into the Eternal Service of Source.  Now will there be Heaven on Earth as all darkness, sin, guilt and fear are laid on the alter of Truth where they are shinned away into nothingness from where they came.  You are Holy.  Choose to Know this and awaken from your dream of insanity."

"No man or tool has the Truth for you.  However if you listen to my guidance within you, they can be used as tools in my service to awaken the Truth within you.   The proper use of “tools, relationships, people” is to let them teach you about yourself; to help you become aware of and observe the characteristics of yourself that blocks the goodness, joy and love that is within you; and then gives you guidance to help you remove these blocks  so only Love remains."  

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