Rental fee for using the area is $20/hour (2 hour minimum), $50 for half day (3 but no more than 4 hours) and $100 for a full day (5-8 hours).

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This page contains pictures and descriptions of indoor and outdoor areas available. Rental agreement at the end.

Indoor open areas running the length of the house have 18 windows giving natural light, rain or shine with beautiful views of the outdoors. Pass through galley kitchen and dinning room to sunroom and deck. The living room area seats 15 comfortably with the option of additional seats.

Sunroom seats 8 comfortably and opens to the deck.

The bonus room offers a more enclosed, private space seating 10 comfortably with flexibility to add 10+ additional chairs for a larger group. 

A full walkout basement studio can be used for teaching crafts or for potluck eating area. 

Fire pit, pond and labyrinth are just outside the basement door. 

A short walk from the house is the Medicine Wheel.  Additional pics on the Medicine Wheel "page".

Break up a long day of workshops with a meandering walk down the 3+ acres of trails or sit beside the creek.  Use the 1 acre Ceremony Field for a opening/closing ceremony, right of passage or just to play a group game.  Sitting or playing in nature will certainly heal what ever ails you.


Outdoor and Indoor Workshop Rental at Spirit Junction


Outdoor Amenities              

Labyrinth – individual sized but can accommodate 2 walkers easily

Medicine Wheel – up to 5 people can walk the wheel comfortably while 25-30 fit around the perimeter

Ceremony Field – illuminated labyrinth and wheel can accommodate 75-100 participants

Walking Paths along creek – well cleared walking paths with less maintained off shoots creek side

Fire Pit – 30 participants fit comfortably single file while there is room for several outer rings of seating

            Fire Pit use, even if contracted, is subject to weather conditions and determined by Mona.


Indoor Amenities

Living room with couch/chair seating for up to 15 participants – this area is in the main living area that is open to the kitchen, dining, sunroom areas with windows all around.  


Sunroom accommodates 8 participants easily.


Basement Workshop area with work tables accommodates 7 participants easily and depending on the project type, additional regular height tables can be set up to accommodate up to 15 participants total.

These tables can also be used for buffet style meals.  Utility sink available in basement. Limited refrigeration, use of microwave and oven upstairs.


There are 3 bathrooms available to assist in quick break times.



Workshop Rental Space at Spirit Junction

If you are looking for a place to rent, and would like to consider Spirit Junction please contact Mona Garrett 919 -795-7860 or email   For your convenience, a copy of our Rental Agreement follows. Snail mail to Spirit Junction,  Mona Garrett,  7027 Farmdale Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610  (919) 795-7860


(this is a copy of the rental agreement, a copy will be emailed, faxed or snailmailed once the specific arrangments have been made)

Rental Agreement Spirit Junction currently rents space to various facilitators, groups and organizations. We will provide you with a safe environment for your workshop/seminar; and list your workshop/seminar on our web-site.  We will do our best to make sure that people know of your services, but we do not make any guarantees that you will get walk-in participation.  Promotion of your services should be done by yourself to insure that your visit is successful, as in any business. Our experience is that successful events take place when you put the needed time into promoting your event via flyers, your mailing lists and/or e-mail lists.


The fee for using the area is $20/hour (2 hour minimum), $50 for half day (3 but no more than 4 hours) and $100 for a full day (5-8 hours). (A grace period of 15min will be given; any run-over time exceeding 15 min will be charged at the hourly rate of $20 and will be payable at the end of the event).  The entire rental fee is to be paid within 10 days of booking to guarantee your reservation.

(Paypal "Buy Now" buttons at the bottom of the page.)


There is a minimum non-refundable rental fee of $30 per day, which will be deducted from any fees paid in the event of cancellation.


Checks made for payment of YOUR services should be made out to you and you have all responsibility for collecting on them.


Plan time for setting up for your event and clean up afterwards, returning the area to its original condition.  Keep in mind in planning your set up time, that the walk from the driveway to the ceremony field can take 5-7 min.  A cart for hauling supplies is available. The Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel and Fire Pit are in close proximity of the driveway.


 Write a short biography for our website and email me at


 Workshop/seminars must be cancelled 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event date, if cancelled with less than two weeks (13 days or less) notice; you will be liable for the entire rent.


You are responsible for any extra equipment, such as projectors, screens, televisions, DVD players, etc.


There is a general NO FOOD / NO BEVERAGE POLICY, in the living room area, only CAPPED WATER BOTTLES please.  The Sunroom and basement areas are food friendly.


There is a NO CANDLE POLICY unless pre arranged and approved glass containers are used in the indoor areas.  NO CANDLES OUTDOORS unless prior approval.  The outdoor areas are very much a fire hazard and there is no water availability to the ceremony field.  Flashlights for night walking to the ceremony field must be supplied by the participants, however with prior arrangement and a $10 fee,  candles in sand buckets for illuminating the walking path to the field can be accommodated.  It is a good idea to have your participants bring flashlights for the walk to their cars if a night class is scheduled.


Good walking shoes with closed toes are suggested for walking the paths.  From spring to fall, wear light colored clothing to help with quick detection of any unwanted hitchhikers such as ticks.  I will provide a natural bug repellant which is effective for the flying insects as well as a low vol Deet repellant which is the only sure repellant for ticks.  We spray for insects and poison oak several times a year in the more frequently used areas, but for the best protection use a Deet product and thoroughly check yourself afterwards.  This information is being provided to you being the facilitator of your event and is your responsibility to relay said information to your participants.  Spirit Junction cannot be held responsible for injury or sickness that may occur due to any bites or falls as a result of an activity during your workshop.  Lost items are not the responsibility of Spirit Junction, however arrangements for pickup of left items can be made.


Spirit Junction is a natural area and home to all kinds of wildlife such as birds (hawk, woodpeckers, owls, hummingbirds, buzzards), butterflies, lizards, frogs, beavers, snakes, raccoon, oppossom, large turtles, fox and many deer to name a few.  We have had river otters occasionally.     


You are responsible and accountable for any room/land damage that occurrs during your workshop.


Lastly, may I make a request.... this is my private home and I happily share it for workshops and healing ceremonies and sometimes will need to be making last minute preparations for your arrival.  Advise your participants that requests for early arrivals or extended stay afterwards will need to be preauthorized via phone call to me 919-795-7860 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            919-795-7860      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email to


Please ask about any other areas of concern. We hope to make your experience as pleasant as possible.


Booking Date: ______________________________________


Rent Received by:____________________________________


Class Date: _________________________________________


Cancellation Date: ___________________________________


Renter Signature: _____________________________________


Spirit Junction Rep.: ___________________________________





 The fee for using the area is $20/hour (2 hour minimum), $50 for half day (3 but no more than 4 hours) and $100 for a full day (5-8 hours).
For your specific rental arrangement, you may need to make multiple selections.

$40 Minimum Rental Fee (1-2hr) click top button.

$50 Half Day Rental Fee (3-4hr) click middle button.

$100 Full Day Rental Fee (5-8hr) click bottom button.

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