Here I sit two days later
unable to move forward
still stuck in my head are thoughts of dread
of sadness and despair.

A neighbor's house burnt to the ground
now where once stood a white mansion
a pile of rubble and ash all around
once history; beloved possessions.

No one was hurt for this I am grateful.
Determined to survive at all cost
The family dog hidden under a table
as if to say, Look, ALL is NOT lost!

With purpose my heart beats strong
let me be symbol of Love Eternal
still shining when dreams are gone
not dependent on a world external.

Another chance we've all been given
to make life's purpose more than 'things'
a chance to change, to build anew.
Let me be symbol of Love Eternal.



Who Is The Stranger Here?
by Mona Garrett 2/20/08


Who is the stranger here whom holds me prisoner to a life I’m ill at ease,
a life that has its ups and downs, without any certainties?

This question I must sincerely ask, if Eternal Peace be my goal,
if the Oneness is to be my experience, to Know my Self as Whole.

What seemed so clear a moment ago, as pen and paper met,
has somehow mysteriously slipped my mind, replaced by argument.

Here is where my struggle begins, my fears begin to rise,
to the surface this question brings, darkness that still within me hides.

Stop… Listen…... Something else I hear…….

A voice within me calls me closer, with a gentle urging,
calms my fears, beckons me forward, brings me to a Knowing.

It is the stranger I invited in that fills my thoughts with fear,
and I choose to believe his lies of sin, guilt and fear.

I thought I had all the answers, I was positive I was right.
That thought has not brought happiness, my choice is now the light.

My every fear now disappears, the voice within I clearly hear,
telling me who I am as God’s Child, not far, but very near!

Awakened from the dream of terror, resting in God’s certainty,
What He Created remains in His Mind for Eternity!


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